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An assortment of silk paints, mediums and gutta outliners from Pebeo. Pebeo Setacolor Soleil paints have been formulated for heliographic printing, a technique where the sun 'bleaches' out items that are covered by a mask, find out more about this surprising technique
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45ml Setacolor Auxiliary - Expandable Paint

White, heat expandable paint that gives a matt, velvety finish on fabrics, paper and board. Use to create three dimensional ...

Price from: £4.40

45ml Setasilk Lightening Medium

Pebeo SetaColor lightener is used to obtain lighter shades with Setasilk silk paints without weakening or thinning the colour, ...

Price from: £4.40

Gedeo Colour Resin, 5 colours

The Gedeo Colour Resin has a high transparency and strength and is ideal for mouldings, inclusions, coatings or ...

Price from: £15.50

Gedeo Crystal Resin, 3 sizes

Gedeo Crystal Clear Resin has been trusted by professional and fashion designers for over ten years. This resin has a high ...

Price from: £15.50

Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline

Wipe a thin coat of Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline around the mould to help release the set resin. Can also be used to release other modelling materials.

Price from: £5.30

Gedeo Glazing Resin

Gedeo Glazing Resin is an enamel effect resin which gives a curved edge to round surfaces, jewellery blanks and bezels. Kit ...

Price from: £18.10

Gedeo Silicone Buttons Mould

The Gedeo silicone button mould is made of non-stick silicone and is designed for all modelling materials including resin, silver ...

Price from: £10.30

Gedeo Silicone Jewels Mould

The Gedeo silicone jewels mould has been designed for creating cabochons and is made of non-stick silicone and is designed for all modelling ...

Price from: £15.40

Gedeo Siligum Mould Paste, 2 sizes

Gedeo Siligum Mould Paste is a fast setting 2 part silicone moulding paste for moulding small objects. The silicone mould is smooth and flexible can ...

Price from: £12.90

Pebeo Drawing Gum - 45ml

Removable liquid frisquet for masking in water colour and airbrush art works. Dilutes and cleans with water. 45ml pot.

Price from: £4.40

Pebeo Setasilk 250ml - last remaining colours

Last remaining stock of 250ml Pebeo Setasilk

Silk paints offer an alternative to steam-fix ...

Price from: £13.70

Pebeo Setasilk Thinner, 45ml

Use the thinner to create transparent pastel shades with Setasilk paints, extending the palette of silk painting colours from this ...

Price from: £4.20

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