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Tool Kit

An extensive range of clay working tools including rollers, a pasta machine, cutters, moulds, brushes and more
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 Precision Made Cutters

Tiny cutters made from a high specification for jewellery makers and small scale model makers. These cutters can be used with most clays and are ...


An assortment of wire brushes for finishing fired silver clay. See also the Acrylic Painting or Watercolour Painting sections for paint ...

Cutting & Slicing

Tissue blades and sharp crafts knives for precision clay cutting

Extruders & Disc Sets

Make tubes and beads by extruding clays with these ingenious instruments

Firing Silver Clay: Blow Torch

An efficient blow torch for firing small Art Clay Silver clay creations

Firing Silver Clay: Gas Stove Top

The most cost effective equipment for firing small items of Art Clay silver clay - an economical place to start learning about this magical metal clay

Firing Silver Clay: Kiln

Firing Silver clay in a kiln offers the most versatility and allows mulitple pieces to be fired. An ideal kiln for silver clay jewellery and other ...

Makin's Cutter Sets

Every shape under the sun including animals, birds, flowers, letters, numbers and seasonal shapes such as Santa and an angel

Moulds & Mould Making

Flexible rubber moulds from Sculpey, Gedeo silicone moulds from Pedeo, and Lisa Pavelka's range of rigid moulds designed for making borders. There ...

Rolling & Pasta Machine

The tools for rolling out your clay for making millefiori and blends. The pasta machine has been tried and tested and is a most popular item amongst ...

Sanding, Filing & Burnishing

Make light work of bringing a shine to the surface of your Art Clay Silver clay with these finishing tools

Shaping, Modelling & Patterning

Sets of tools from Sculpey and Makin's, plus other useful items for shaping and modelling air dry and polymer clays, and a selection of textures ...

17 results, 2 pages 1 2 Next › Last »
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