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Air Dry Clays

Traditional clays that don't need to be baked! Both the Newclay and Makins can be air-dried, making them ideal for class room projects.  Modroc offers a robust, permanent modelling medium. It is a gauze strip impregnated with a special resin based plaster. A superb product for creating 3d work.

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Smooth and soft air drying modelling clay with a finish comparable to polymer clay and the advantage of not needing to be conditioned before ...


Makin's 'No Bake Clay' dries with normal exposure to air after approximately 24 hours. Suitable for use by children over 3


Modroc is a very strong, gauze strip impregnated with resin based plaster. It is wetted and then layered over a former to create a cast. 2 sizes...


Newclay is an off-white reinforced air-drying modelling clay, which can also be kiln fired. Available in 3 package sizes

Mokunensan Woodchip Eco Clay 300g

Mokunensan Woodchip Eco Clay is a smooth clay made from the recycled wood sawdust from a Japanese pencil company. This eco ...

Price (inc VAT): £7.60

5 results, 1 pages 1
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