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Palettes & Mixing Dishes

Ceramic, metal and plastic mixing dish palettes, tear-off palettes, stay-wet palettes and water containers.

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 Metal Double Dipper

Metal Double Dipper

3.5cm diameter pots with rubber lined, leak proof lids mounted together on a strudy ...

Price from: £6.45

 Metal Single Dipper

Metal Single Dipper

A 3.5cm diameter pot with a rubber lined, leak proof lid mounted on a ...

Price from: £3.50

Acrylic Sheets Tear-Off Palettes

Daler Rowney Acrylic Sheets Tear-Off Palettes, 2 sizes

40 sheets (90gsm) of clear ...

Price from: £13.00

Buddy Cups - pack of 12

10ml plastic cups with airtight fitting lids for storing paints, powders, liquids, glitter, beads, buttons and much more.

Price from: £4.25

Circular Palette

Jakar Circular Palette

White plastic 17.5cm diameter circular palette with 10 mixing ...

Price from: £0.60

Circular Palette - Aluminium

Jakar Circular Palette - Aluminium

A 17cm diameter round aluminium palette with 10 ...

Price from: £2.10

Daisy Dish - Porcelaine

Jakar Daisy Dish - Porcelaine

Flower shaped palette 6in diameter with 6 mixing ...

Price from: £5.60

Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Palette Refills, 2 sizes

Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Palette Refills, 2 sizes

The Stay-Wet Palette is a clear lidded ...

Price from: £4.90

Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Palette, 2 sizes

Daler Rowney Stay-Wet Palettes, 2 sizes

A clear lidded plastic tray containing 3 sheets ...

Price from: £13.50

Giant Kidney Palette

Giant Kidney Palette

64cm x 45cm plywood kidney palette with metal counter ...

Price from: £19.40

Loxley Small Lantern Water Pot

Loxley Small Water Holder Lantern

The lantern shaped water holder can be collapsed to a ...

Price from: £2.70

Rectangular Palette

Jakar Rectangular Palette

White plastic rectangular 10 well palette 21.5 x 10.8 x ...

Price from: £2.99

19 results, 2 pages 1 2 Next › Last »
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