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Measuring & Mixing

Tiny syringes and droppers for precision measuring, a heat proof stirrer, and measuring pots for making up dye solutions
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  Squeezy Bottle, with yorker spout 240ml

240ml plastic bottle with spout. Use to mix up paints and dyes and to pour out into trays and paint pots or for applying dyes when ...

Price from: £2.40

10 x 10ml Syringes

10 x 10ml syringes useful for accurate measuring of liquids.

Price from: £5.50

Buddy Cups - pack of 12

10ml plastic cups with airtight fitting lids for storing paints, powders, liquids, glitter, beads, buttons and much more.

Price from: £5.00

Droppers - 3ml, pack of 3

Measure tiny amounts of fluid cleanly and accurately. The 3ml droppers show increments of 1ml

Price from: £2.70

Pin Point Syringe Kit

2 syringes and 3 sizes of extra fine stainless steel needles for miniature applications with glues, liquid clays etc. Stop ...

Price from: £5.80

Polypropylene Beakers

100ml polypropylene measuring beaker

Price from: £3.30


20cm stirring rod made from polypropylene, suitable for use in boiling water and ideal for use with hot water dyes

Price from: £2.30

Syringe - Needle Tip

15ml syringe with needle tip. Use for precise measuring of liquids or glue application. The needle tip is suitable for thin liquids and has an ...

Price from: £3.50

Syringe - Tapered Tip

15ml syringe with tapered tip. Use for precise measuring of liquids.

Price from: £3.50

Syringe 1ml

Useful for accurate measuring of liquids

Price from: £1.00

10 results, 1 pages 1
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