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Learn about techniques and the history of crafts through film. This selection of titles include the series from Janet Willoughby, silk painting techniques from Jill Kennedy, titles from Ashford, screen printing exploration from Kerr Grabowski, and felting instructions from Sue Pearl
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  Screen Printing & DVD

Learn how to layer textiles with colour, texture and imagery using a variety of traditional and innovative screen printing techniques brought to you ...

Price (inc VAT): £27.50

Adinkra Printed Ceremonial Cloths...

New reduced price, previously £17.00

Adinkra Printed Ceremonial Cloths, film ...

Price (inc VAT): £6.48

Art Clay Silver Basic Tips & Techniques DVD

Art Clay Silver instructional DVD for beginners. Learn the basics of how to work with Art Clay Silver Clay (and any other silver ...

Price (inc VAT): £10.90

Breakdown Printing (Book & DVD)

Breakdown Printing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn
Learn this highly creative and non precise technique of breakdown printing which ...

Price (inc VAT): £14.50

Further Adventures in Silver Clay DVD

The follow-up DVD to ‘Silver Clay Made Simple’ by jewellery designer and Art Clay Silver tutor, Natalia Colman. This ...

Price (inc VAT): £17.50

Silver Clay Made Simple DVD

Art Clay Silver instructor and jewellery designer, Natalia Colman, presents a comprehensive guide to working with silver clay. ...

Price (inc VAT): £17.50

Thai Hilltribe Embroideries

New reduced price, previously £17.00

Thai Hilltribe Embroideries, film by ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.00

Traditional Silk Weaving in Thailand

New reduced price, previously £17.00

Traditional Silk Weaving in Thailand, ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.00

Tray Dyeing

Tray Dyeing by Leslie Morgan and Claire Benn Learn all about the techniques of tray dyeing (or low-water immersion dyeing) ...

Price (inc VAT): £16.00

Weaving on the Knitters Loom

This informative DVD shows the beginner how easy it is to warp up and weave a scarf on a rigid heddle tabby loom

Price (inc VAT): £13.70

10 results, 1 pages 1
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