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Don't ever miss an issue again! When you order your magazine subscription we will start it with the most recent issue and send subsequent issues as they become due
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Back Issue Lucky Dip

Back Issues Lucky Dip

If you would like to preview a random selection of the excellent craft ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.00

Cloth Paper Scissors - 6 issues/year

Subscription for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine
An American publication covering all types of fibre arts and collage work, including ...

Price (inc VAT): £40.00

Handwoven - 5 issues/year

Subscription for Handwoven magazine
Handwoven magazine is an excellent source of weaving information for handweaver’s. A typical ...

Price (inc VAT): £33.50

Interweave Crochet - 4 issues/year

Subscription for Interweave Crochet magazine
During recent years, crochet has seen a return in popularity. This magazine includes all ...

Price (inc VAT): £25.00

Interweave Knits - 4 issues/year

Subscription for Knits magazine
The dedicated hand knitter will be spoilt for choice by every issue of Interweave ...

Price (inc VAT): £25.00

Journal - 4 issues/year

Subscription for The Journal magazine
The Journal is a British magazine full of articles by and for textile ...

Price (inc VAT): £22.00

Piecework - 6 issues/year

Subscription for Piecework magazine
Piecework is a US magazine which celebrates needlework and textile crafts from ...

Price (inc VAT): £37.00

Quilting Arts - 6 issues/year

Subscription for Quilting Arts magazine
Not restricted to traditional quilting, this US magazine will appeal to all textile artists and ...

Price (inc VAT): £40.00

Spin Off - 4 issues/year

Subscription for Spin Off magazine
An excellent magazine for the handspinner which includes features on fibre preparation, dyeing and ...

Price (inc VAT): £27.00

Threads - 6 issues/year

Subscription for Threads magazine
A bible for all of those that sew! Packed with tips and advice, Threads magazine covers the full ...

Price (inc VAT): £48.00

Vav Magasinet - 4 issues/year

Subscription for Vav Magasinet magazine
Vav Magasinet is a Scandinavian weaving magazine drawing on the Swedish weaving tradition, the ...

Price (inc VAT): £30.00

11 results, 1 pages 1
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