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Batik & Shibori

Melted batik wax being applied with a tjantingTools and materials for creating the ancient crafts of Batik and Shibori, including a choice of waxes and resists, tjantings, and dissolvable yarn for creating Shibori or tie-dye. The thermostatically controlled Wax Melting Pot compliments the range of Batik products and offers a safer option than melting batik wax on the hob. The selection of stretcher frames provide the perfect tool for suspending taut fabric while you are working on your Batik designs, and the fine pins have been designed not to mark the fabric.

We have a selection of fabrics including silk and finely woven Javanese cotton which have the ideal surface for fine Batik work and Shibori designs.  The selection of indigo dyes include natural indigo, synthetic indigo and Jacquard Pre-reduced indigo, and the Procion MX cold water dyes include the Jacquard Procion MX colours and the Fibrecrafts Procion MX colours.  The water soluble yarn will make light work of Shibori projects.  It is 90 denier so will not leave marks on the fabric and dissolves fully in water at 70°C.  Find out more about Dyes and Dyeing Techniques from our Fact File pages.

Tjantings & Wax Pot

Tjantings for applying melted wax and the electric Tixor Wax Pot. The pure copper bowl on the tjanting is used for scooping up the melted batik ...

Batik Wax & Resists

Resist materials for batik work, including Wax Granules, Beeswax, Cold Liquid Wax and Soy Wax Flakes, plus Wax Out and synthapol for removing ...

Stretcher Frames & Pins

Stretcher frames and pins for stetching fabric taut for Silk Painting, Batik and other techniques

Indigo Dyes & Dye Kits

Indigo is probably the most widely used dyestuff of all time. Here we offer both natural indigo and synthetic indigo. Soda ash and spectralite ...

Procion MX Dyes

Fibre reactive Procion MX dyes have been formulated for use on cellulose fibres such as cotton, linen and viscose. They can also be used for ...

Water Soluble Yarn

The 90 denier Water Soluble yarn magically shrinks by 40% when placed in water at 40°C, and dissolves completely at 70°C. For dyers, Shibori and tie ...

Silk Fabric

Luxurious silk fabrics, including Habotai silk and Pongee silk, sold in one metre lengths and ideal for making special Batik or Shibori dyed items

Silk Scarves etc

Ready made silk items for dyeing or painting with indigo dyes and batik effects, including silk scarves, silk ties and silk cushion covers made ...

Cotton Fabric

A selection of cotton fabrics ranging from calico and bleached cotton for experimental work through to the superior quality prima and primissima ...


A selection of books about Batik and Shibori explaining about the dyes, fabrics and techniques of this decorative art form. Visit the Book Shop ...

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