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Discharge Dyeing

Dischargeable Acid Dyes and Illuminating Acid Dyes increase the range of patterning and effects available to the artist. The dyes work like this; the dischargeable acid dyes have a low resistance to bleaching and are easily removed from fabric with a discharge paste while the illuminating dyes have a high resistance to bleaching.

Fabrics can be painted or dyed with the dischargeable dyes which are readily removed with discharge paste and illuminating dye can be combined with the discharge paste to replace the original colour

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 Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste, 230ml

Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste 230ml


Price (inc VAT): £9.25

 Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste, 944ml

Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste 944ml

Apply to fabric using a brush, stamp or ...

Price (inc VAT): £27.00

Black Chiffon Silk, per metre (90cm wide)

Sheer, 100% silk chiffon fabric. Suitable for discharge printing or nuño feltmaking. It is very fluid and has excellent ...

Price (inc VAT): £12.00

Black Velvet, per metre (110cm wide)

Luxurious black silk/viscose velvet fabric which can be used to good effect with Illuminating Acid Dyes and discharge paste. The ...

Price (inc VAT): £27.30

Deco Reco Decolourant Pure

Deco Reco Decolourant Pur discharge paste can be used for discharging Acid dye colours from dyed fabrics or it can be combined ...

Price (inc VAT): £15.00

Fibrecrafts Discharge Acid Dyes, 50g

These dyes are easily removed from fabric using discharge paste. The discharge paste can be combined with Illuminating Acid Dyes ...

Price (inc VAT): £9.30

Fibrecrafts Illuminating Acid Dyes, 50g

These dyes work effectively when combined with discharge paste as they have a high resistance to bleaching agents. A concentrated ...

Price (inc VAT): £9.30


Formosul or Formasol (Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate) is the active component of Discharge Paste mixed with a thickener (Indalca ...

Price (inc VAT): £29.80

Indalca PA3R

Indalca PA3R is a Guar Gum based thickener, with properties similar to Locust Bean Gum. It can be combined with Formasol to ...

Price (inc VAT): £21.70

9 results, 1 pages 1
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