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Dyeing Equipment

Tools to make light work of the dyeing process. The flat bottomed bucket can be used on the stove top and the long handled tongs and spoon make it easy to access the contents. The polypropylene stirrer is suitable for use in boiling water and won't get hot and the thermometer will detemine the perfect temperature. Much more besides...
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Measuring & Mixing

Tiny syringes and droppers for precision measuring, a heat proof stirrer, and measuring pots for making up dye solutions

12 litre Stainless Steel Bucket

12 litre stainless steel bucket with a flat bottom. Made for dyers to use directly on gas and electric heaters.


Price (inc VAT): £46.40

Dyers Spoon with Hook Handle

Stainless steel perforated dyers spoon with hook handle for deep pots. 40cm long up to where handle starts to hook over

Price (inc VAT): £6.60

Glass Reagent Jars, 3 sizes

Glass reagent jars with ground glass stoppers for storing pigments, dye powders and dried materials

Price (inc VAT): £4.50

Pocket Color Wheel - Colour Mixing Guide

The Pocket Color Wheel is a very useful tool to help with understanding and choosing harmonious colours for your projects. See ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.80

Steamer Paper, 10 metre roll

For separating layers of painted silk during steaming. We sell this vital paper in 10m lengths and it is 100cm wide.

Price (inc VAT): £16.00


A mild non-ionic low temperature concentrated detergent used to prevent back staining by removing dye which has not combined with ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.30


Thermometer for use when dyeing with temperature sensitive dyes. Measures from -10°C through to 110°C

Price (inc VAT): £6.90


Stainless steel tongs - essential dyeing equipment. Approx. 30cm long

Price (inc VAT): £3.75

Uhlig Electric Steamer

Free delivery within the UK Bullet Steamers are ideal for the small scale fabric designer for steam fixing Acid dyes on ...

Price (inc VAT): £1,359.60

Uhlig Electric Steamer 50cm extension

Free delivery within the UK. The 50cm extension unit for Uhlig Electric Steamers allows for wider silk fabrics to be steamed

Price (inc VAT): £259.56

Universal Indicator Paper

Use this little book of litmus papers to test acidity and alkalinity of water, covering pH1 to 11. Variations in pH will ...

Price (inc VAT): £0.99

12 results, 1 pages 1
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