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Equipment for painting, including brushes, adjustable silk painting frames and pins, applicator bottles and pipettes, mixing dishes for paints, steamer for setting paints and dyes, nibs and syringes

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Applicators & Bottles

Squeezy plastic bottles for applying gutta outliner and for storing paints and dyes

Brushes & Mixing Dishes

Brushes and chinese bamboo brushes for painting, foam brushes for painting large areas and applying primers, ceramic and plastic daisy mixing ...

Foam Rollers & Stamps

A selection of foam rollers and stamps for adding patterning to fabric. They are ideal for decorating borders and large areas with inks, glues, ...

Frames & Pins

Adjustable frames for stretching fabric ready for silk painting, batik, and other techniques. The fine silk pins have been designed not to damage ...

Auto-fade Pen

The autofade pen is ideal for tracing or drawing designs onto fabric. The colour fades completely within 3 - 4 days or it can be ...

Price (inc VAT): £2.70

Krestopol: Dye & Ink Remover for skin

Krestopol is a hand cleansing paste for removing stubborn dyes, grease, graphite, metallic dust, ink stains and more. Contains ...

Price (inc VAT): £11.40

Setacolor Permanent Fabric Glue

The Setacolor Permanent Fabric glue is set with a hot iron and can be washed in up to 40°C

Price (inc VAT): £4.40

Steamer Paper, 10 metre roll

For separating layers of painted silk during steaming. We sell this vital paper in 10m lengths and it is 100cm wide.

Price (inc VAT): £16.00

Transfer Pencil

Trace or draw designs onto paper with the Deka Transfer Pencil, place face down onto fabric and iron to transfer. Same tracing can be used up to 3 ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.50

Uhlig Electric Steamer

Free delivery within the UK Bullet Steamers are ideal for the small scale fabric designer for steam fixing Acid dyes on ...

Price (inc VAT): £1,470.00

Uhlig Electric Steamer 50cm extension

Free delivery within the UK. The 50cm extension unit for Uhlig Electric Steamers allows for wider silk fabrics to be steamed

Price (inc VAT): £310.00

11 results, 1 pages 1
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