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Silk Paints & Silk Dyes

A comprehensive selection of silk paints, silk dyes and gutta outliners. The silk dyes give the best colour results when silk painting and need to be set with the heat from steam. The silk paints have been specifically formulated for painting on silk and give effective colour coverage. They can be heat set with a domestic iron
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Deka Silk Paints & Mediums

The Deka range of iron fix silk paints, mediums and gutta outliners for silk painting techniques, batik and tie dye

H Dupont Classique Dyes

The most vibrant results can be achieved on silk using this set of H Dupont Classique silk dyes which are set with steam. Use with the gutta ...

Jacquard Dye-na-flow

Jacquard Dye-na-flow paints are fluid enough for painting on silk fabric and other fine weaves.

Jacquard Green Label Silk Colours

A sample of Jacquard Green Label dyes, plus the kit which is an excellent introduction to the art of silk painting using steam fix silk dyes

Javana Silk Paints & Mediums

An extensive range of iron fix silk colours from Javana plus gutta outliners and mediums

Pebeo Setasilk Paints & Mediums

Iron fix silk paint, outliners and mediums from Pebeo

6 results, 1 pages 1
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