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Explorer Packs

A selection of exciting kits designed for the creative and curious. The Fibrecrafts Explorer Packs have been designed to teach the basics in traditional crafts such as knitting, hand spinning, felt making and weaving.

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Batik Explorer Pack

Batik is an ancient method of creating patterns on cloth or paper. It is a resist technique which uses melted wax or other ...

Price (inc VAT): £14.50

Feltmaking Explorer Pack

The Fibrecrafts Wet Feltmaking Explorer Pack contains all you need to get started with feltmaking. It includes 300g dyed Merino ...

Price (inc VAT): £14.80

Glass Painting Explorer Pack

The Fibrecrafts Glass Painting Explorer Pack is a good way to get started with glass painting. The pack includes a selection of 5 ...

Price (inc VAT): £10.50

Knitting & Dyeing Explorer Pack

With the Fibrecrafts Knitting and Dyeing Explorer Pack you can learn how to microwave dye your own yarns and then knit with them. ...

Price (inc VAT): £14.00

Needle Felting Explorer Pack

Traditional felt is created by tangling fibres, wetted with soapy water, until they mat together to form a fabric. The fibres can ...

Price (inc VAT): £31.50

Papermaking Explorer Pack

The Fibrecrafts Papermaking Explorer Pack will teach you how to make special, unique hand made paper. The kit contains one A4 ...

Price (inc VAT): £44.20

Silk Painting Explorer Pack

The smooth texture of finely woven silk fabric provides an ideal canvas for painting and the fluid colours from silk paints are ...

Price (inc VAT): £30.40

Silk Papermaking Explorer Pack

The kit includes everything you need to make silk paper, including 2 x A4 netting, CMC granules to make 500ml paper medium, 1 ...

Price (inc VAT): £23.20

Spinning Explorer Pack

The Fibrecrafts Hand Spinning Explorer Pack contains simple instructions to get you started with hand spindling and includes a ...

Price (inc VAT): £29.00

Weaving Explorer Pack

In woven fabrics, two sets of yarns cross perpendicular to one another. One set, known as the warp, is held taut on the loom while ...

Price (inc VAT): £33.50

10 results, 1 pages 1
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