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Tool Kit

A variety of tools for modelling and shaping wire and clays, and for firing Art Clay Silver clays and enamel, including the Prometheus Kiln
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Bead Making

Batch make your beads and ensure consistency in their size with this selection of bead rollers for use with polymer and other clays

Cutter Shapes

A large assortment of cutters in varying sizes and a multitude of shapes. The kemper cutters are ideal for working with tiny shapes.

Cutting & Slicing

A variety of cutting tools including craft knives and tissue blades

Extruders & Disc Sets

Durable plastic plunge operated extruders, precision made stainless steel extruders, replacement disc sets and core adapters. Use these tools to ...

Firing Silver Clay: Blow Torch

Most of the Art Clay Silver clays can be fired using this technique. You will need a kiln for firing Art Clay silver from a syringe and silver that ...

Firing Silver Clay: Gas Stove Top

The most cost effective method of firing your Art Clay Silver clay creations. Using the gas stove, whether it be your cooker top or a camping stove, ...

Firing Silver Clay: Kiln

Firing Silver clay in a kiln offers the most versatility and allows mulitple pieces to be fired. An ideal kiln for silver clay jewellery and other ...

Moulds & Mould Making

Flexible rubber moulds from Sculpey, Gedeo silicone moulds from Pedeo, and Lisa Pavelka's range of rigid moulds designed for making borders. There ...

Ring Making

A choice of wooden mandrels for ring making and the helpful ring sizing sheets

Rolling & Pasta Machine

Included here are a selection of rollers, a pasta machine - essential for the serious polymer clay worker - and rolling strips to regulate thickness

Sanding, Filing & Burnishing

Tiny files and extra fine sand paper for smoothing away the lumps and bumps on worked Art Clay Silver clay - before and after firing, and for ...

Shaping, Modelling & Patterning

Sets of tools from Sculpey and Makin's, plus other useful items for shaping and modelling air dry and polymer clays

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