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Luxury Yarns

Tussah silk yarn in 40 colours plus white and bleached, the lustrous Shantung silk yarn plus a selection of chunky and indulgent silk yarns, and the thown silk yarn range. The natural and bleached silk yarns can be dyed using any of the dyes on this web site but most effectively with Acid dyes which are formulated for dyeing protein fibres such as wool, hair and silk. See our range of Acid Dyed for hand dyeing these yarns.

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 Spun Silk Yarn 3/2nm

A luxurious chunky silk yarn which is strong enough for weaving but also lends itself as a knitting yarn. The silk yarn can be ...

Price (inc VAT): £19.00

Italian Silk Boucle

3s nm. A delightful and interesting yarn for weavers and knitters alike (1238yds/lb). The yarn can be dyed to any colour using ...

Price (inc VAT): £20.10

Silk Yarn - Singles with Scroop

Hard to resist, the slub running through this silk yarn brings texture and interest whilst still maintaining the high sheen of ...

Price (inc VAT): £18.10

Spun Silk Yarn 8/2nm

A luxurious silk yarn, finer than the 3/2nm. Strong enough for weaving and craft knitting. Dye the silk yarn to any colour using ...

Price (inc VAT): £18.50

4 results, 1 pages 1
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