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Model Making

Many materials can be used to create models.  Here we feature a large choice of modelling clays including Makin's and Newclay air-dry clays and the rock hard drying modelling medium, Modroc. The versatile Fimo polymer clay and Sculpey polymer clays offer a colourful modelling medium and the range of Art Clay Silver clays, including Art Clay Silver Slow Dry and Art Clay Silver Syringe can be used to model precious items for the doll house.

Paper pulp can be used for casting shapes and to create moulded items, and the archival quality CMC (Methyl Cellulose) can be made into a paste for papier mache modelling.  Not featured here are the wool and other fibres found in both the Felt Making and Spinning section of the website.  These fibres can be shaped into objects using a felting needle.

Find out more about Model Making from our Fact File.

Polymer Clays

A selection of the world's most popular polymer clays from brands such as FIMO, Sculpey and Cernit. Each polymer clay differs in its ...

Air-Dry Clays

Mod roc strips, Makin's Air Dry clay, Cork Clay and air curing Newclay. Models made with these materials can be painted with acrylic based ...

Non-drying Clays

Newplast modelling clay in a choice of colours. The animators choice and ideal for product development and design

Armatures & Wires

A selection of armatures and wires to make a framework around which a sculpture or model can be built. This framework provides structure and ...

Art Clay Silver Clays

The New Art Clay Silver Clays combine the slow dry and low firing properties of the Art Clay Silver 650 Clays.  The new formula Art Clay ...

Plaster & Paper Casting

Plaster of Paris, cotton pulp and fillers for use in the craft of model casting, paper casting and papier mache modelling.

Resin & Epoxy Putty

A selection of epoxy resins for setting in silicone moulds (see Jewellery Making > Tool Kit > Moulds & Mould Making), capturing items ...

Foam Board

Foamboard is made from a sheet of CFC free polystyrene sandwiched between two sheets of smooth acid free paper to form a strong, lightweight ...

Hobby Paints

Hobby paints for use on multiple materials including plastic, wood, glass, clay, stone, metal, paper and more.

Acetate & Film

A selection of acetate, film and tracing paper for stencil making and other craft applications.

Tool Kit

An extensive range of clay working tools including rollers, a pasta machine, cutters, moulds, brushes and more

Doll Making Materials

Moulds, clays, and materials for making 1:12 scale dolls house dolls and miniatures, and one-of-a-kind art dolls and figures


An assortment of mixed media for decorating the surface.

Glues & Varnishes

The choice of glues vary in use and the varnishes and glazes can be used to seal baked polymer clay and to set any embellishment in place. ...

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