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Handmade Lokta paperThe equipment, materials and additives for making handmade paper from either recycled paper or from the pulps and fibres included in this section.  You will find the paper makers tools which include  mould and deckle frames with tensioned nylon mesh, the couching cloths for absorbing excess moisture and dry the paper, indicator paper to perform litmus tests for ph levels in the water. Materials such as cotton linters and plant fibres, pigments for colouring the pulp and a selection of paper making additives to enhance the finished paper. These materials will appeal to papermakers and sculptors alike.

Card makers and scrapbook enthusiasts will enjoy our range of handmade papers which include a large selection of Lokta papers, Mulberry tissues, and the wet strength Tissutex paper.  The handmade printable stationery and handmade books can be used for any special event such as a wedding or anniversary.

You can find out more about hand papermaking and the hand made papers from our Fact File or see the Silk Paper Making for a simple way to make silk paper using a adhesive medium.

Glues & Adhesives

Archival quality glue for paper crafts, mount adhesive and other glues.

Paper Making Tools

Craftman made papermaking equipment including wooden moulds and deckles plus the essential felt couching cloths for soaking up excess ...

Paper Making Materials

Cotton linters and pulp sheets for hand paper making. The fibres include cotton, lokta (daphne), and flax and each fibre will bring a ...

Paper Making Additives

These papermaking additives provide the serious handmade paper maker with the professional materials for producing high quality and durable handmade ...

Paper Casting

Cotton pulp and fillers for use in the craft of paper casting and papier mache modelling.

Cutting Tools

Includes tools for cutting mounts for framing drawings and watercolours, scissors and craft knives.

Polymer Clays

A selection of polymer clays for card makers, see Model Making for the full range, including other liquid clays

Handmade Paper

Beautiful handmade papers which are mostly sourced direct from their makers, contributing to the economic survival of whole local communities. These ...

Craft Papers

A selection of coloured paper and card for crafts, tracing papers, and wet strength Tissutex tissue paper.

Tracing & Stencils

A selection of acetate, film and tracing paper for stencil making and other craft applications.

Paper Yarns

Strong and versatile paper yarns for a number of applications.

We have a large range of paper yarns in stock in different ...

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