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Speedy stamp being cut with lino cutterA number of printing techniques for transferring images onto fabric, paper and other surfaces.  Block printing is probably the most widely known and prints are made using a printing block, made from wood, rubber or even potato.  A simple image or pattern is sketched out onto the block and the parts of the design you don't want printed is cut away (our project Handmade Print using Speedy Stamps explains this process further). The Speedball Block Printing Inks and Deka Block Printing Inks or a thickened paint or dye can be used for this process, and the Speedball Speedy stamps offer an alternative to linoleum and wood.

Other methods of printing include the more random method of marbling; heat transfer printing using paints formulated from disperse dyes; and the fascinating light sensitive printing, cyanotype and heliographic (see also Diazo Photo Emulsion), and of course Screen Printing which is explored in its own section.  Digital image transfer from inkjet to fabric can also be explored here. Find out more about these Painting and Printing techniques from our Fact File.

Block & Lino Printing

Printing equipment for making hand made prints. The Speedball Speedy-Carve Blocks can be cut in a similar way to the lino blocks and have the ...

Discharge Printing

Dischargeable Acid Dyes and Illuminating Acid Dyes increase the range of patterning and effects available to the artist. The dyes work like ...

Inkjet Fabrics & Transfer

Computer Printing on Fabrics! This section includes special fabrics treated for use in inkjet printers including Habotai and Organza Silk plus ...

Heat Transfer Paints

Deka Heat transfer paints and our brand of heat transfer paints are formulated from Disperse dyes and are most effective on synthetic fabrics ...

Light Sensitive Printing

Jacquard Solar Fast for heliographic printing (or Sun printing), and the chemicals (Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate) ...


Marble paints can be used for marbling the surface of fabric, paper and card. The smoother the surface, the better the transfer. A tray is ...

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