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Selectasine Binders

Professionally formulated binders for use in screen printing techniques. Use these binders in combination with the Selectasine Pigments to produce an extensive range of screen printing inks. There are 6 binders, each fulfilling a specific function. They can be intermixed, have a soft finish and outstanding wash fastness when fixed with heat.

The screen printing inks can also be used for block printing or thinned with water and used for painting or spraying (the fixing/fastening properties are diminished when water is added making decorated fabric less wash fast, we recommend testing on fabrics that will require cleaning). 

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     Selectasine Opaque White T, 3 sizes

Use Selectasine Opaque White T for printing white onto dark coloured fabrics. It can be reduced using binder SF20 by up to 40% ...

Price (inc VAT): £22.00

  Selectasine SF20 Solvent-free Binder, 3 sizes

A water based printing paste for use on white or light coloured cotton and poly cotton blend fabrics. Combine up to 6% Selectasine ...

Price (inc VAT): £12.00

Selectasine Metallic Binder, 3 sizes

Combine this binder with the Gold (Bronze) or Silver (Aluminium) powders to create metallic coloured screen printing ...

Price (inc VAT): £22.00

Selectasine Opaque Binder KP, 3 sizes

An opaque binder for combining with Selectasine coloured and luminous pigments to make screen printing inks for printing onto ...

Price (inc VAT): £18.00

Selectasine Pearl Binder AS, 4 sizes

Selectasine Pearl Binder AS is a prepared silver pearlised Binder and is used direct. Coloured pearl effects may be achieved by ...

Price (inc VAT): £26.00

Selectasine Print Paste Thickener Concentrate - 4 sizes

Thickener for increasing the viscosity of print pastes, formulated to reduce bleeding and particularly useful for cotton, ...

Price (inc VAT): £4.00

Selectasine Puff Binder 3 sizes

Produce multicoloured 3d prints by combining this binder with pigment. The solution can be block or screen printed and the optimum ...

Price (inc VAT): £27.00

7 results, 1 pages 1
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