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Jacquard Silk Dyes

Jacquard Green Label Silk Colours need to be made permanent on the silk fabric with the heat from steam. Here we offer a selection of the dyes plus a starter kit which contains everything you need to learn about silk painting with dyes. 

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Jacquard Class Pack - Silk Painting

Jacquard Silk Painting Class Pack for 30

The Silk Painting Class Pack is a project-based kit ...

Price (inc VAT): £173.00

Jacquard 'Green Label' Silk Colours Kit

An excellent silk painting starter kit. Contains 1 each 60ml bottle of magenta, cyan, yellow and black silk dyes, 200ml bottle ...

Price (inc VAT): £34.25

Jacquard 'Green Label' Silk Colours, 60ml

Dyes for silk painting techniques which can be fixed by steaming, producing the best colour results. Alternatively, colours can be ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.00

Jacquard Silk Salt

The salt absorbs wet paint and draws colours towards it creating interesting patterning.  Effective on silk paints and acid ...

Price (inc VAT): £2.75

Jacquard Water Based Clear Gutta Resist, 60ml

Water based gutta outliner for silk painting that washes out easily with warm water. It holds a crisp line without spreading and ...

Price (inc VAT): £4.50

5 results, 1 pages 1
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