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Silk Paper and Silk Papermaking Supplies

Silk Paper created with hand-dyed silk hankiesSilk papermaking or silk fusion is a paper-mache type technique for creating textured paper/fabric or 3d objects using silk fibres combined with an adhesive medium such as paste made from Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) or an acrylic based silk paper medium.

The image right shows a detail of paper made using the silk paper making technique and CMC paste.  Layers of hand-dyed silk hankies and a few lengths of loosely spun wool fibres were placed onto a piece of nylon mesh.  A second piece of nylon mesh was placed on top to make a sandwich of fibres and the CMC paste was sponged through the mesh to dampen the fibres all the way through.  When the adhesive had dried, the mesh was carefully peeled away to reveal the silk paper.  You will note the glistening green edge of a silk hanky at the top of the image.

You can find out more about this decorative technique by visiting our Fact File pages on Felt Making, Spinning and Silk Fusion >

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