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A wooden spindle and wool tops waiting to be spunSpinning wheels, hand spindles, hand carders, drum carders, bobbins, Lazy Kates and all the other tools needed for creating unique handspun yarns. Our range of fibres include cottons, Merino wool, British wools, flax and a choice of luxury fibres including alpaca, silk and cashmere.

We supply spinning products from Louet, Schacht, or Ashford and any of those not listed can be ordered in especially for you. Special order spinning and weaving items not included on this website take between 4-6 weeks and we will require a 10% deposit for these non-stock items. Please telephone: 01483 565800 for further information.

Transforming a fibre into a yarn is just the first step in producing your own knitted or woven garments and furnishings.  Beginners may prefer to invest in a hand spindle although some will decide to learn the process using a spinning wheel - the techniques can be learnt from a book, snippets from the internet, or through a guild such as The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers.

The sheer choice of superb fibres will tempt the hand spinner to produce metres and metres of hand spun yarns for their projects.  In addition to the high quality wool, cotton and silk fibres, there are the luxurious hair fibres which include camel, alpaca, cashmere and kid mohair.  The 'Designer Fibres' include the delicious blends of Merino & Tussah and the Alpaca & Mulberry Silk, as well as Casein which is made from milk protein.

If you're a production spinner, you may wish to buy a drum carder to make light work of preparing fleece and blending fibre ready for spinning.  Find out more about Felt Making, Spinning and Silk Fusion >

Wool Fibres - Dyed

Merino wool fibres in 27 colours ideal for spinners and felt makers alike. The wool roving can be blended using a hand carder and the natural, ...

Wool Fibres - Undyed

A selection of natural wool fibres for spinning into a super soft yarn. The wool roving you can choose from includes the lofty Bluefaced ...

Plant Fibres

Cellulose fibres dye readily with Fibre Reactive Procion MX dyes. Included are cotton sliver, bamboo, soybean, tencel and flax. See our range ...

Silk Fibres - Undyed

Undyed silk tops, carrier rods, hanky, Italian silk, gummy reeled silk, tussah, carded cocoon strippings, cocoons, mawata caps and throwsters ...

Animal Hair Fibres

Superfine cashmere, mohair, camel and yak down, and alpaca - the ultimate fibres for spinning into a luxurious yarn or for needle felting

Designer Fibres

Delicious combinations of luxurious fibres for use by spinners and feltmakers. Choose from the merino and tussah mix of colours, the glistening ...

Fibre Preparation

The tools for preparing your fibres ready for making felt or for spinning into a hand spun yarn. The hand carders are available in a number of sizes ...

Flyers, Bobbins, Whorls

Spare bobbins, a new flyer and an additional whorl, find them here or place a special order for the items you require. We can order any products from ...

Spinning Wheels

A selection of the best spinning wheels from Louet, Ashford and Schacht. We can order any products from the range of Louet, Schacht, ...

Hand Spindles

The equipment for hand spinning a thread from fibre, these hand spindles are perfectly balanced to generate the greatest spin

Spares & Accessories

The tools and equipment to help the spinner achieve the best results from their hand spinning

Silk Fibres - Dyed

All different types of silk fibres in a combination of hand-dyed colour ways for spinning or silk papermaking

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