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Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten GlasbrookTapestry weaving is a relatively simple method of creating fabric for rugs, cushion covers and decorative wall hangings.  The technique will appeal to the artist as the yarns can be used to 'paint' a picture across the supporting warp.  Our image shows an excerpt from Kirsten Glasbrook's book Tapestry Weaving.

Offered here are a range of tapestry looms and frames come from Glimakra, Schacht and Ashford and yarns for your project can be found in the yarns section.  Visit the Fact File pages Yarns, Knitting and Weaving to find out more about this technique.

The complete range of Glimakra, Schacht and Ashford weaving products are available to order. If the item you require is not on this web site, please telephone us for further information: 01483 565800.

Tapestry Frames

A selection of frames starting with the basic frame pairs for making your own frame and moving on to the more professional frames from ...

Tapestry Tools

Tapestry tools including bobbins, beaters and a tapestry fork


A 200g Mixed Yarn Bag for learners to experiment with plus warp yarns for preparing the tapestry frame. See also the Yarn selection in ...

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