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Weaving Tools

The weaver's tools including shuttles, a bobbin rack, the autodenter, heddles, a heddle hook, tie-ups, temples, raddles and much more.

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Bobbins, Quills & Pirns

Equipment for loading yarn onto weaving shuttles, including the time saving bobbin winder

Heddles & Tie-ups

Steel and polyester Texsolv heddles for weaving looms plus a helpful heddle hook, plus texsolv tie-up and split pegs and linen cord for tying up the ...


Wooden raddles in two sizes for even warp distribution in weaving


Sley the reed with the autodenter or choose from a selection of reeds for the looms featured on this site.

Cut to order Stainless Steel Reeds - ...


Beautifully crafted shuttles for hand weaving including boat shuttles, rug shuttles, ski shuttles, open roller shuttles, Schacht end feed shuttles ...

Tapestry Weaving Tools

Bobbins, tapestry fork, beaters and pick-up sticks for tapestry weaving.


Temples to help maintain the width and shape of fabric while weaving, in five sizes

  Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy

Ashford Sampler Niddy Noddy

Neat and compact niddy noddy for making small 90cm (1yd) hanks ...

Price (inc VAT): £18.00

  Glimakra Bobbin Winder

Efficient, precision made and well designed tool for winding yarn on to bobbins and quills - the Glimakra Bobbin Winder is the ...

Price (inc VAT): £118.00


The Autodenter - the tool the weaving industry developed for sleying the reed, simple and effective, takes a few minutes to learn ...

Price (inc VAT): £69.50

Ashford Fringe Twister

The Ashford Fringe Twister has been designed to make light work of making twisted fringe for handwoven garments, knitted scarves ...

Price (inc VAT): £37.00

Ashford Mini Warping Frame 4.5m Warp - Lacquered

The Ashford mini weaving frame is easily assembled into a strong square, and features evenly spaced side pegs that allow warps of ...

Price (inc VAT): £88.00

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