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Weaving on a loomA large range of weaving yarns, looms, tapestry frames, shuttles and other essential tools for the weaver.

We supply weaving products from Louet, Schacht, Glimakra or Ashford and any of those not listed can be ordered in especially for you. Special order spinning and weaving items not included on this website take between 4-6 weeks and we will require a 10% deposit for these non-stock items. Please telephone: 01483 565800 for further information.

A piece of cloth can be woven on a simple loom using basic weaving techniques.  Cloth is created by passing a yarn (the weft) under and over another yarn (the warp) which is suspended across a frame.  A more complex cloth (such as the weaving in our photograph) is created on a loom which has multiple shafts.  These shafts lift and divide segments of the warp to create a gap (the shed) so that the yarns create a pattern. Our Fact File page on Choosing a Loom may help to explain the differences between the looms.

A book may help you to choose a loom or to learn more about the various methods of weaving (see Weaving Books), as will snippets from the internet.  A visit to the web site for The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers may also be useful.  Find out more about Yarns, Knitting and Weaving > 

Braid & Band Weaving

Equipment for weaving braids and narrow wares. Starting with the portable and economical tablet weaving cards or luceting kit, the weaver can ...

Tapestry Weaving Looms

A wide choice of tapestry looms and frames for creating fabrics, decorative wall hangings and rugs.

Weaving Looms

The basic rigid heddle (or tabby) loom through to the larger floor looms. Here you will find the folding Schacht looms for saving space, the ...

Weaving Tools

The weaver's tools including shuttles, a bobbin rack, the autodenter, heddles, a heddle hook, tie-ups, temples, raddles and much more.

Wool Yarns

A selection of dyed and undyed wool yarns for weaving, tapestry, knitting, crochet and felting. We include the Organic Merino 28/2 Venne Wool ...

Cotton & Linen Yarns

A selection of dyed and undyed cotton and linen yarns, including a range of warp yarns in different thicknesses.  These fine yarns include ...

Silk Yarns

A luxurious selection of dyed silk weaving yarns, plus undyed silk yarns for self dyeing with Acid dyes.

Experimental Yarns

Alternative 'yarns' such as paper and wire, dissolvable thread and reflective tape, plus Banana Effect, Venne Metallic Polyester yarn, ...

Warp Yarns

A choice of cotton and linen warp yarns for warping the loom or tapestry frame.  These undyed weaving yarns can be dyed to any colour ...

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