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Graphite Pencils

Graphite pencils and automatic pencil pens.

Coloured Pencils

A selection of traditional coloured pencils and water soluble coloured pencils for the illustrator, graphic artist and student.

Pastels & Crayons

A large range of pastels and crayons from Caran d'Ache, Daler Rowney, Unison Colour, Sennelier, Jakar and Derwent


Charcoals from a number of brands including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Wolff, Derwent and Jakar.

Drawing Inks

Traditional drawing inks and acrylic inks.  Use with a pen and nib or apply with a brush.  Smooth hot pressed watercolour papers ...

Dip Pens & Nibs

A selection of drawing pens and drawing nibs.

Please see also our Watercolour Painting section for brushes.

Ink Filled Drawing Pens

Superior quality ink filled drawing pens with precision nibs, brush nibs, and a selection of marker pens.

Coloured Fibre-tip Pens

Fibre tipped pens for drawing and colouring.

Drawing Paper & Board

Paper and board for drawing, pastels and sketching.  Also includes tracing papers and blotting paper. 

Acetate & Film

A selection of acetate, film and tracing papers for stencil making and other crafts.

Coloured Craft Papers

A selection of high quality coloured craft papers.

Drawing Accessories

Erasers, fixatives, adhesives, pencil sharpeners, manikins and other associated items for drawing, design and ...

Technical Tools

Technical drawing instruments including rulers, a pantograph, flexible curves and templates.

Cutting & Mounting

Cutting mats, blades & craft knives, scissors and mount cutting tools, foam board and mountboard.

Easels & Boards

Artists easels for use on table tops, in the studio and out and about.  Also includes a selection of drawing boards.  See also ...


Portfolios and art folders - the best luggage for storing and carrying work in progress and finished paintings, sketches and artwork.

Charcoal is made by heating wood in the absence of oxygen, this process removes moisture leaving carbon. Marks from charcoal are very black but tend to smudge. Finished drawings should be treated with a fixative.

Pastels offer a further form of drawing media. They are made using finely powdered pigments and different types of binder. Soft pastels are powdery and blend easily and hard pastels contain a higher level of binder for more detailed drawing. A watercolour pastel contains a water soluble binder and oil pastels contain a non-drying oil and wax binder giving them a soft, buttery consistency. As pastels tend to smudge easily the finished drawings should also be treated with a fixative.

Drawing pens and nibs, fibre-tipped pens and fine technical drawing pens provide the artist with black lines and a choice of colours. The water-soluble colouring pens can be blended with a wet paint brush and used in combination with pens containing permanent inks. Back to top

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