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A selection of clays for all applications including doll making, jewellery making, model making and miniatures. No special equipment is needed for the air-dry clays, while the polymer clays can be baked at a low temperature in a domestic oven. Even the precious metal Art Clay Silver clays can be fired on the gas stove top or with a blow torch, advancing to a kiln for more sophisticated silver working techniques.

Please see our Jewellery Making section for jewellery making tools and jewellery findings or our Model Making section for model making tools, glues and other model making items.

Art Clay Silver Clays

The New Art Clay Silver Clays combine the slow dry and low firing properties of the Art Clay Silver 650 Clays.  The new formula Art Clay ...

Polymer Clays

A selection of the world's most popular polymer clays from FIMO, Sculpey and Cernit. These versatile clays will appeal to jewellery makers, ...

Resins & Epoxy Putty

A selection of epoxy resins for setting in silicone moulds, capturing items such as seeds or glitter, or for creating a lens effect. Plus ...

Air Dry Clays

Traditional clays that don't need to be baked! Both the Newclay and Makins can be air-dried, making them ideal for class room ...

Non-drying Clays

Newplast modelling clay in a choice of colours. The animators choice and ideal for product development and design

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