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A vast range of polymer clay from Sculpey including Premo Sculpey, Premo Sculpey Accents, Sculpey Ultra Light, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm Gray, Original Sculpey and Sculpey Living Doll. Each of these clays offer different qualities for the modeller, doll maker and jewellery maker. Super Sculpey Firm holds its shape well and gives more time for working - ideal for modelling formers and protypes, Scupey Living Doll is a flesh coloured, super smooth clay for doll makers and model makers to enjoy, and Premo Sculpey offers all the necessary qualities, colours and effects to please the jewellery maker

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 Premo Sculpey Accents Polymer Clay, 454g

Premo Sculpey Accents polymer clay in 4 colour options. The clays are ideal for jewellery making, especially Millefiori, and ...

Price from: £12.25

 Premo Sculpey Accents Polymer Clay, 56g

Premo Sculpey Accents polymer clays are the same as the Premo Sculpey polymer clays but offer a more varied range in colour ...

Price from: £1.70

 Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay,  56g

Premo Sculpey is a superior polymer clay, ideal for jewellery making, especially Millefiori, and caning work. It is very malleable ...

Price from: £1.70

 Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay, 454g

Larger blocks in selected colours of this superior polymer clay. Premo Sculpey is ideal for jewellery making, especially ...

Price from: £12.25

 Sculpey Artist / Teacher's Bulk Pack 3.6kg

3.6kg value quantity of Super Sculpey polymer clay - ideal for use in workshops and the classroom. Used by movie animation studios and professionals ...

Price from: £81.40

 Sculpey Moldmaker

Mold Maker from Sculpey is a creamy white clay which remains flexible after baking. It is ideal for making one part moulds that flex. The moulds can ...

Price from: £6.95

Original Sculpey, 795g

This Original Sculpey is an economical, basic polymer clay and ideal for workshops, schools and colleges. The creamy soft texture is similar to ...

Price from: £14.00

Sculpey Amazing Eraser Clay Set

Gift Idea

This amazing Eraser Clay can be moulded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, just ...

Price from: £6.59

Sculpey Bake and Bond

Sculpey Bake and Bond adhesive comes in a nozzle topped bottle for controlled application and forms an incredibly strong bond between 2 pieces of ...

Price from: £3.70

Sculpey Clay Softener, 28g

Improves the texture of any unbaked polymer clay that has begun to dry out. Add a few drops and knead into the clay until it softens. It can also be ...

Price from: £3.20

Sculpey Living Doll, 454g

An outstanding clay with excellent sculpting properties, the name of this product should not deter model makers and sculptors! ...

Price from: £8.50

Sculpey Souffle Polymer Clay, 48g

Sculpey Soufflé Polymer Clay, 48g 

Sculpey Soufflé is a light, ...

Price from: £1.80

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