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Acid Dyes

Acid dyes (the acid being the vinegar used to set them!) are formulated for use on protein fibres such as silk, wool and hair.

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Discharge Pastes

Discharge Pastes strip dye colours out of fabric. They can be combined with a dye to replace the colour they are removing

Dye Assistants

Dye Assistants for use with Acid dyes including Fixitol P and Glauber Salts

H Dupont Classique Dyes

Liquid acid dyes for painting silk fabric. These H Dupont Classique silk dyes give vibrant colours when set with the heat from steam

  Fibrecrafts Acid Dyes, 50g

Acid dyes provide a simple system for use with wool, other animal fibres including fur, feathers, cashmere and angora as well ...

Price (inc VAT): £6.00

  Jacquard Acid Dyes, 14g

Jacquard Acid Dyes are premixed colours for protein fibres such as silk, wool, angora, cashmere, feathers and most nylons. The acid dyes can be ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.50

 Acid Dye Kit

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Gift Idea Acid dyes ...

Price (inc VAT): £31.10

Fibrecrafts Discharge Acid Dyes, 50g

These dyes are easily removed from fabric using discharge paste. The discharge paste can be combined with Illuminating Acid Dyes and makes for a ...

Price (inc VAT): £9.30

Fibrecrafts Illuminating Acid Dyes, 50g

These dyes work effectively when combined with discharge paste as they have a high resistance to bleaching agents. A concentrated stock solution of ...

Price (inc VAT): £9.30

Jacquard 'Green Label' Silk Colours Kit

An excellent silk painting starter kit. Contains 1 each 60ml bottle of magenta, cyan, yellow and black silk dyes, 200ml bottle ...

Price (inc VAT): £34.25

Knitting & Dyeing Explorer Pack

With the Fibrecrafts Knitting and Dyeing Explorer Pack you can learn how to microwave dye your own yarns and then knit with them. ...

Price (inc VAT): £14.00

10 results, 1 pages 1
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