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Discharge Pastes

Discharge Pastes strip dye colours out of fabric. They can be combined with a dye to replace the colour they are removing
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 Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste, 230ml

Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste 230ml


Price from: £9.25

 Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste, 944ml

Jacquard Decolourant Discharge Paste 944ml

Apply to fabric using a brush, stamp or ...

Price from: £27.00

Deco Reco Decolourant Pure

This discharge paste can be used for discharging Acid dye colours from dyed fabrics or it can be combined with Illuminating Acid dyes to complete the ...

Price from: £15.00


Formosul or Formasol (Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate) is the active component of Discharge Paste mixed with a thickener and used for colour ...

Price from: £29.80

Indalca PA3R

A Guar Gum based thickener, with properties similar to Locust Bean Gum. It can be combined with Formasol to create a mix identical to Discharge ...

Price from: £21.70

5 results, 1 pages 1
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