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Dye Assistants

Dye Assistants for use with Acid dyes including Fixitol P and Glauber Salts
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Calgon (Sodium Hexametaphosphate)

The original water softener and better than the modern substitute when dyeing, for use in hard water areas. Use when making dye pastes to eliminate ...

Price from: £6.60

Citric Acid Crystals

Citric Acid is a weak organic acid used as an acidifier in dyeing.

It will alter the pH level of the dye bath and is an ...

Price from: £3.95

Fixitol P (Retain)

Otherwise known as ‘Retain’, Fixitol P can be used to improve washfastness and boost colourfastness, particularly in deep shades and is suitable for ...

Price from: £5.70

Glauber's Salt

Glauber's salt, commonly known as sodium sulfate or sodium sulphate, helps with the levelling of the dyes, providing an even coverage. Make into a ...

Price from: £4.10

4 results, 1 pages 1
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