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Batik Waxes & other resists

A selection of batik waxes including beeswax, wax granules and soy flakes. Heat the waxes until they melt using the electric wax pot. The cold liquid wax can be used as an alternative. See also gutta outliner resists
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Batik Wax Granules, 500g

Paraffin and micro crystalline wax granules to give plasticity and some cracking in Batik work. Melt quickly and evenly in the ...

Price from: £8.25

Bees Wax Block

Beeswax can be used alone or added to paraffin wax granules to soften and reduce cracking in Batik work. Beeswax melts at approx. ...

Price from: £16.00

Cold Liquid Batik Wax

Liquid wax for Batik work is used straight from the jar and can be applied with a brush, tjanting or roller. The fabric should be stretched taut on ...

Price from: £16.00

Hard Soy Batik Wax Flakes, 500g

Soy wax is a non-oil based alternative to petroleum based waxes. It is used as a resist for painted fabrics to create a Batik effect. The wax is ...

Price from: £6.40

4 results, 1 pages 1
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