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Deka L direct dyes, AlterEgo double dyes, chemicals for Cyanotype blue printing, dyes assistants, resists and thickeners.

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Cleaning Up

Rubber gloves, Kresto dye & ink remover and the concentrated detergent, Synthrapol

Deka L Dyes

Deka L Dyes, hot water direct dyes for all natural fabrics, fibres and cellulose including straw and linen.


Create devore fabric from velvet, satin and other mixed fibre fabrics

Dupont AlterEgo Dyes

Use Dupont AlterEgo Dyes to dye your devore fabric two colours but from one dye vat!

Dyeing Assistants

Fixitol P (Retain) for helping to improve wash fastness and boost colour fastness, Sunblocker from Jacquard and Soda Ash to set fibre reactive ...


A selection of resists including waxes and Potato Dextrin resist for Batik and other techniques


Thickeners for dyes and paints

Fibrecrafts Disperse Dyes, 50g

Disperse dyes can be used with various techniques and will readily colour synthetics such as polyester, nylon, cellulose acetate, vilene, viscose, ...

Price (inc VAT): £9.00

Pocket Color Wheel - Colour Mixing Guide

The Pocket Color Wheel is a very useful tool to help with understanding and choosing harmonious colours for your projects. See ...

Price (inc VAT): £5.80

9 results, 1 pages 1
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