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Dupont AlterEgo Dyes

Use Dupont AlterEgo Dyes to dye your devore fabric two colours but from one dye vat!
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AlterEgo Fixative

Add Dupont AlterEgo fixative to the dye bath before adding the fabric. This will help set the dyes and improve wash fastness

Price from: £11.00

Dupont AlterEgo - Viscose/Cotton, 250ml

250ml bottles Dupont AlterEgo dyes for viscose and cotton. Double Dyeing involves using two distinct and different colours in one dye bath, and a ...

Price from: £13.50

Dupont AlterEgo Fixative Kit, 25ml

25ml Dupont AlterEgo fixative, 25ml distilled vinegar, sachet effects salt, 2 droppers and 2 measuring cups with lids. Approx. ...

Price from: £3.70

3 results, 1 pages 1
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