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Dyeing Assistants

Fixitol P (Retain) for helping to improve wash fastness and boost colour fastness, Sunblocker from Jacquard and Soda Ash to set fibre reactive Procion MX dyes, much more besides...
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944ml Jacquard Fabric softener

A super concentrated fabric softener for restoring the soft handle to fabrics, yarns and fibre after dyeing. 


Price from: £9.95

Calgon (Sodium Hexametaphosphate)

The original water softener and better than the modern substitute when dyeing, for use in hard water areas. Use when making dye pastes to eliminate ...

Price from: £6.60

Fast Black K Salt Liquid

Gives a subtle browning effect to reactive dyes when used as a post-dye wash process, imitating the soga colour used in Batik work. It also turns ...

Price from: £14.00

Fixitol P (Retain)

Otherwise known as ‘Retain’, Fixitol P can be used to improve washfastness and boost colourfastness, particularly in deep shades and is suitable for ...

Price from: £5.70

Glauber's Salt

Glauber's salt, commonly known as sodium sulfate or sodium sulphate, helps with the levelling of the dyes, providing an even coverage. Make into a ...

Price from: £4.10

Ludigol F

Ludigol is also known as resist salt or Matexil PAL. Add to Procion MX fibre reactive dyes as a colour enhancer when steam setting for brightest, ...

Price from: £5.70


A mild non-ionic low temperature concentrated detergent used to prevent back staining by removing dye which has not combined with ...

Price from: £5.30

Urea, 500g

Increases the solubility, and therefore the brightness and intensity, of dyes when applying them directly such as in printing or painting with fibre ...

Price from: £5.50

9 results, 1 pages 1
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