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Natural Dyes

Natural dyes give subtle and varied results depending on the method used to extract the colour. Using a mordant will help to make the colour 'stick' and improve colour fastness.

The best place to start learning about natural dyes is to invest in a good book about the subject, visit the Book Shop for more information.

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Fibrecrafts Indigo Dye Kits

Fibrecrafts Indigo Dye Kits containing ingredients and instructions for learning how to dye with indigo

Indigo Dyes

Natural indigo, pre-reduced indigo and synthetic indigo dyes

Mordants & Assistants

A selection of mordants and dye assistants for natural dyeing techniques

  Fibrecrafts Natural Dye Kit

Gift Idea An ideal starter kit to learn all about dyeing with natural dyes. This little cardboard box contains 50g each of ...

Price (inc VAT): £19.50

  Fibrecrafts Natural Dyes

An extensive range of natural dyes providing a rainbow of colour options for the experimentation. The dye results will vary ...

Price (inc VAT): £2.40

 Natural Dye - Forest Green 25gm

Forest Green Natural Dye

A soluble natural dye derived from fermented natural indigo, pomegranate and ...

Price (inc VAT): £3.40

 Natural Dye - Turquoise Blue Indigo 25g

Turquoise Blue Indigo Natural Dye

A soluble natural dye derived from fermented natural indigo and ...

Price (inc VAT): £3.40

7 results, 1 pages 1
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