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Silk Fabric Lengths

Luxurious and finely woven silk fabrics, sold in one metre lengths and by the roll. Chosen for their suitability for silk painting, dyeing and screen printing
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  Pongee 5mm Silk Fabric, per metre

Pongee is a smooth plain woven silk fabric ideal for silk painting techniques. It is lightweight, semi-translucent and ...

Price from: £6.30

 Fibrecrafts Fabric Samples

A swatch from each of the fabrics shown on this site, including silk, cotton and polyester

Price from: £3.10

 Habotai 8mm Silk Fabric, per metre

A smooth plain weave fabric. It is heavier than Pongee 5 and therefore more opaque. A good base for painting and dyeing ...

Price from: £10.00

Antung 16mm Silk Fabric

A plainly-woven, slub-free heavy silk fabric made from wild silk, lovely for upholstery and dressmaking. It is a creamy yellow ...

Price from: £25.30

Black Chiffon Silk, per metre (90cm wide)

Sheer, 100% silk chiffon fabric. Suitable for discharge printing or nuño feltmaking. It is very fluid and has excellent drape. 90cm wide

Price from: £12.00

Black Habotai Silk, per metre (90 cm wide)

Dyed black Habotai silk fabric 8 mommes (8mm). 90cm wide

Price from: £13.98

Crepe de Chine 8mm Silk Fabric, per metre

Woven from high-twist yarns and degummed after weaving to give a flexible fabric with soft drape, taking colour well from ...

Price from: £13.40

Gauze Chiffon 3.5mm Silk Fabric, per metre

An openly woven light weight silk gauze, which will colour well using Acid Dyes. Silk Chiffon is excellent for building translucent layers in 3D ...

Price from: £6.70

Georgette with Warp Float 12mm Silk Fabric

138cm wide, lovely georgette silk fabric with 1cm warp stripes running along its length, creating a ladder effect. This fabric will take colour well ...

Price from: £25.30

Habotai 8mm (6 metre miniroll)

A smooth plain weave silk fabric which takes colour well from Acid dyes, such as Dupont silk dyes, and silk paints. It is heavier ...

Price from: £54.00

Habotai 8mm Silk Fabric - 45m roll (approx)

Free delivery within the UK A smooth plain weave fabric. It is heavier than Pongee 5mm and therefore more opaque. A good ...

Price from: £421.50

Noil Gauze 22mm Silk Fabric, per metre

Loosely woven gauze silk fabric created from the same yarn used for the Poplin. We recommend that you dye this fabric using ...

Price from: £14.00

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