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Wool fibres for felt making and spinning, silk fibres for spinning and silk paper making, cotton and plant fibres for paper making and spinning. There are also the heat bondable Angelina Fibres and the Silk Mill waste for adding interest and texture.

The Merino wool tops are recommended to felt makers, they have a staple length of 64 and felt readily using the traditional wet felting technique and with felting needles.  These wool tops are available in 27 colours plus undyed and can be blended together to create a larger palette.

Plant Fibres

A selection of cellulose fibres that can be spun, made into paper or dyed with Procion MX fibre reactive dyes. Soya Bean fibre, although ...

Silk Fibres

Silk fibres which range from the 'waste' product during silk production through to the superior and luxurious silk fibres at the end of ...

Wool Fibres


Dyed and undyed merino wool tops and natural wool tops from rare breeds for spinning into a yarn or ...


Luxurious hair fibres including camel, mohair, alpaca, yak and cashmere for hand spinning or making into felt using a felting needle.

Designer Fibres

Man-made and designer fibres devised to offer variety and interest in the spun yarn and needle felting. Add a sprinkle of Angelina fibre to ...

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