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Plant Fibres

A selection of cellulose fibres that can be spun, made into paper or dyed with Procion MX fibre reactive dyes. Soya Bean fibre, although derived from a plant, is a protein fibre and best dyed with Acid dyes. 

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Bamboo Fibres

Two different types of fibre derived from the bamboo plant. The long straight fibres of the sliver can be spun into a breathable yarn for under ...

Cotton Fibres

Cotton sliver in four colour ways and the textured and tactile Blue Jeans cotton fibre

Flax Fibres

Choose from water retted line flax and flax tow

  Tencel Fibre, 100g

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 Soya Bean Fibre (or Soybean), 100g

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Price (inc VAT): £3.90

5 results, 1 pages 1
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