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Silk Fibres

Silk fibres which range from the 'waste' product during silk production through to the superior and luxurious silk fibres at the end of the process. All these silk fibres can be dyed using Acid dyes and some of the fibres still contain the naturally occurring sericin 'glue' which can be activated with water and heat. Use these fibres to make silk paper, spin into a valuable yarn or manipulate with a felting needle.

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 Hand-dyed Silk Fibres

A selection of Silk fibres, hand-dyed using acid dyes. Use as hi-lights in your feltmaking and spinning or create a brightly coloured silk paper ...

 Undyed Silk Fibres

A wide choice of silk fibres including silk tops, tussah, mawata caps, hankies, silk cocoons and more...

Sample Bundle (4) - Dyed/Undyed Silk Fibres

Samples of hand-dyed Silk Tops, Throwsters Waste and Italian Waste and undyed silk fibres

Price (inc VAT): £7.80

Silk Papermaking Explorer Pack

The kit includes everything you need to make silk paper, including 2 x A4 netting, CMC granules to make 500ml paper medium, 1 ...

Price (inc VAT): £23.20

4 results, 1 pages 1
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