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Fabric & Crafts Paints

An extensive selection of paints for multiple surfaces including fabric, glass, metal, clay, paper, plastic and wood. See also acrylics, oil paints and watercolours.

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Heat Transfer Paints

Fibrecrafts heat transfer paints and Deka heat transfer paints for painting onto paper and then printing onto polyester and other fabrics

Heliographic Paints

The heliographic paints Pebeo Soleil are 'bleached' out when they are masked from the sun. The Cyanotype Blueprinting kit does not contain paint but ...

Marbling Paints

Marbling paints for decorating the surface of fabric, paper and other items

Paints for fabric, leather & knits

A selection of paints for fabrics including cotton, synthetics, leather and knits, as well as paper, board and clays. These acrylic based ...

Paints for glass, ceramics, metal etc

Water based and spirit based paints from Deka for glass, ceramics, metal etc

Poster Paints

Poster paint colours providing excellent coverage and suitable for children over 3 years.

6 results, 1 pages 1
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