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Selectasine Binders

A selection of binders offering a variety of effects when combined with Selectasine pigments.  Suitable for making screen printing inks and paints.

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     Selectasine Opaque White T, 3 sizes

Use Selectasine Opaque White T for printing white onto dark coloured fabrics. It can be reduced using binder SF20 by up to 40% ...

Price from: £22.00

  Selectasine SF20 Solvent-free Binder, 3 sizes

A water based printing paste for use on white or light coloured cotton and poly cotton blend fabrics. Combine up to 6% Selectasine ...

Price from: £12.00

Selectasine Metallic Binder, 3 sizes

Combine this binder with the Gold (Bronze) or Silver (Aluminium) powders to create metallic coloured screen printing inks.


Price from: £22.00

Selectasine Opaque Binder KP, 3 sizes

An opaque binder for combining with Selectasine coloured and luminous pigments to make screen printing inks for printing onto ...

Price from: £18.00

Selectasine Pearl Binder AS, 4 sizes

Selectasine Pearl Binder AS is a prepared silver pearlised Binder and is used direct. Coloured pearl effects may be achieved by ...

Price from: £26.00

Selectasine Print Paste Thickener Concentrate - 4 sizes

Thickener for increasing the viscosity of print pastes, formulated to reduce bleeding and particularly useful for cotton, ...

Price from: £4.00

Selectasine Puff Binder 3 sizes

Produce multicoloured 3d prints by combining this binder with pigment. The solution can be block or screen printed and the optimum ...

Price from: £27.00

9 results, 1 pages 1
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