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Fibrecrafts Pre-reduced Indigo 250g

Fibrecrafts Pre-reduced Indigo 250g



Stock code: JAC2698

Use as an alternative to Natural Indigo. A pre-reduced indigo which offers the same unique results as the indigo powders but with considerably less effort to disperse the indigo powder in the water. Pre-reduced Indigo is already 60% reduced.

- Add two heaped tablespoons of the pre-reduced Indigo grains to 4 litres of water at 40°C.
- Carefully stir in two tablespoons of Soda Ash and 4 teaspoons of spectralite. The bath should look greenish yellow in under one hour.
- Gently add your fabric, immersing it in the bath for 1-2 minutes, squeezing it gently but thoroughly. The dye bath is re-useable provided you cover it closely to ensure it is air-tight.

Price each (inc VAT): £25.50
Unit of Sale: 250gm


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