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Stock code: SY2004

A mild non-ionic low temperature concentrated detergent used to prevent back staining by removing dye which has not combined with the fabric. It is also used for removing Batik Wax degreasing fleece and preparing materials ready for dyeing. 

When dyeing materials such as fabrics, yarns and fibre, it is good practice to ensure that they are "Prepared for Dyeing" by removing any dressings or soiling which has occurred during production or while handling. Synthrapol removes grease and dirt with ease and leaves the materials clean and absorbent to ensure an even coverage from the dye. Use half a teaspoon to 5 litres of water for washing out excess dyestuff and the same amount for cleaning soiled materials prior to dyeing.  Rinse well in cool water.

Use up to 2 tablespoons to 5 litres of cold water for washing fleece, taking care not to agitate and felt the fibre while it is being washed and then rinsed.

Synthrapol is also known as Metapix 38.

Price each (inc VAT): £5.30
Unit of Sale: 250ml
Author: WarehouseC


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