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Bondaweb (known as Wonder Under in the US) is an extra strong, adhesive web which bonds one fabric to another when ironed. It is a vilene product which works in the same way as Wundaweb, is an extra wide 90cm and sold by the metre.

The greaseproof paper backing is useful for tracing designs and helps keep the Bondaweb in place when positioning. It is excellent for appliqué, collage and 3 dimensional embroidery. Bondaweb can be used to adhere fabric or paper to wood, ceramics, cardboard and felt.

When cutting out images or prints from fabric, place the fabric onto the webbed side of the glue backed paper and iron the reverse of the paper so that the glue melts and sticks to the fabric.  This will give a good support for the fabric so that you can cut it out without the edges fraying.  Run the iron over the back of the paper to soften the glue, peel off the paper and place the cut-out where you want it glued.  Iron one final time to ensure adhesion.

Tip: if you need to remove bondaweb from fabric, try ironing a piece of cotton or brown paper over the bondaweb until it is hot. The tacky bondaweb should transfer. Be patient as you may have to repeat the process a number of times

Price each (inc VAT): £3.95
Unit of Sale: metre


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