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Fibrecrafts Yarn Sample Card

Fibrecrafts Yarn Sample Card

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Stock code: FY11800

Samples of the Fibrecrafts yarns including:

Spun Silk Yarn 3/2 nm
Spun Silk Yarn 8/2 nm
Italian Silk Boucle Yarn
Recycled Indian Silk Sari Yarn
Recycled Indian Silk Yarn
Shantung Silk Yarn (undyed)
Silk Singles Scroop Yarn
Thrown Silk Yarn 4 ply 2/27 nm
Thrown Silk Yarn 5 ply 2/27 nm
Worsted Botany Wool Yarn - balanced
Worsted Botany Wool Yarn - 18 tpi 2/36 nm
Worsted Botany Wool Yarn - 30 tpi 2/36 nm
Norsk Weld Dyed Wool Yarn
Light Reflective Yarn
Recycled Indian Sari Silk Yarn
Recycled Indian Silk Yarn
Dissolvable Yarn
Banana Yarn
300 Denier Metallised Yarn - Gold
600 Denier Metallised Yarn - Gold
300 Denier Metallised Yarn - Silver
Rug Wool Yarn (undyed)

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