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ModRoc, 2 sizes



If provided, our colour charts are intended as an indication of colour only


Modroc is a 14cm wide gauze strip impregnated with a special resin based plaster. A superb product for creating three dimensional work. Models can be created by adding Modroc in layers over a wire framework, mold or former. While wet the surface can be textured or embellished with fibres such as Angelina, skeleton leaves, silk, cotton or wool tops. It also has the capacity for fine detail and can be easily reworked when wet. Once dry, it is hard wearing, rock hard and lightweight.

Our samples show a stylised flower decorated with hand-dyed Silk Tops, Jacquard Neopaque and Lumiere paints and a hand-dyed paper pulp nugget, and work in progress - this modroc piece has been moulded around a hand. The finished item can be sanded and painted

Price each (inc VAT) from: £9.30
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