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Silk Painting, Silk Dyes & Silk Paints

Silk paintingSilk painting is a popular craft and offers artists a satisfying technique for colouring fabric.  The smooth weave provides a good surface which diffuses the colour evenly (find out more about the George Weil silk fabric range) and colours flood the fabric the moment they are applied. In this Silk Painting section we offer an extensive range of silk paints, silk dyes, gutta and outliners, and other mediums such as effects salt and primers for all silk painting techniques.

Silk painters may choose to use a gutta outliner or resist to outline elements of the painting and contain the colours, or they may prefer to treat the fabric with a primer to help control the flow of the paint or dye.  Sprinkling wet paint with salt crystals will result in the colour being pulled towards and absorbed by the crystal, while dripping with water will push the colours away, and in some cases remove it.  Find out more about Painting and Printing >

Kits & Packs

A selection of silk painting kits and packs for the beginner or the classroom.

Silk Paints

A range of silk paints formulated for painting on silk but also effective on other finely woven natural fabrics such as cotton. These paints ...

H Dupont Classique

The H Dupont Classique Silk Dyes are formulated from Acid dyes. The dyes are suspended in a solution and are made ready to paint with. Dupont ...

Jacquard Silk Dyes

Jacquard Green Label Silk Colours need to be made permanent on the silk fabric with the heat from steam. Here we offer a selection of the dyes ...

Outliners & Primers

Primer or anti-spread is used to treat fabric so that the flow of paint is inhibited. This allows free hand silk painting with fluid paints ...

Silk Fabric Lengths

Lengths and rolls of luxurious and finely woven silk fabrics for silk painting, printing or dyeing techniques such as shibori tie dye and batik. The ...

Ready-made Silk Items

A selection of ready made silk items for dyeing, printing, batik or silk painting. The scarves are in a choice of silk fabrics including Habotai, ...


Brushes, adjustable silk painting frames and pins, applicator bottles and pipettes, mixing dishes for paints, steamer for setting paints and dyes, ...

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