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Silver Clay Working

Finally the inflated price of silver is on the decline and we would like to pass our savings on to you, our customers.

Art Clay Silver Clay for jewellery making and modelling. This magical metal clay consists of finely ground pure silver mixed with non-toxic binders and water.  When kiln, torch or stove-top fired, the binders burn away leaving pure, 99.9% silver and the resulting pieces can be hallmarked. You can learn how to use these silver metal clays very easily through books and the wealth of information found on the internet.

Here you will also find a selection of tools and accessories for working with the silver metal clay plus pure silver jewellery findings for use with the Art Clay silver clays, which do not blacken during firing as with sterling silver. The cubic zirconia fireable gem stones are guaranteed not to alter colour when fired and faux semi-precious stones can be fashioned from polymer clay and baked into a fired metal clay bezel, crafted from the Art Clay Silver.  Find out more about Clays - Modelling & Jewellery Making from the pages in our Fact File.

Whilst George Weil does not undertake any training in the use of Art Clay Silver clay products, we can recommend Joy Funnell as a trainer with an Advanced Certificate in Art Clay Silver clay.  

Visit Joy's website to find out more about her workshops

Art Clay Silver Clays

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Art Clay Silver 950

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Art Clay Silver Kits

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Firing Art Clay Silver

Firing equipment for Art Clay Silver clays, other metal clays, ceramics, enamelling and glass fusing. Here you will find a kiln, blow torch, ...

Gold Clays & Foil

These precious gold items will add accents and a touch of luxury to special pieces of Art Clay Silver clay

Jewellery Findings

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Tool Kit

The tools for crafting metal clay into jewellery and ornaments and for cleaning, sanding and burnishing after it has been fired. See also ...

Work Shops

Whilst George Weil does not undertake any training in the use of Art Clay Silver clay products, we recommend Joy Funnell as a ...

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