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A History of the Mail Order Catalogues

From its humble beginnings as an 8 page price list, the mail order catalogues have always been produced in-house.

The Fibrecrafts catalogue was originally written and set by the Managing Director, Ian Bowers and was passed over to Allison Holland in 2002.

Allison has built up the stock of images to ensure there is a photograph and/or a colour chart for all the products offered on the web site as well as writing and designing the email newsletters, writing copy for new products and posting news to the George Weil blog.

The website has evolved from a partnership of skills from both Allison and Insignia Creative Ltd


The last printed catalogue for George Weil was designed in a handy sized A5 format. Due to the cost of print and mailing, and the wide use of the internet, it was decided to no longer produce a paper catalogue. 

George Weil mail order catalogue 2012

click to enlarge image of the 2012 George Weil catalogue


A complete product listing including the brands from the George Weil group; Fibrecrafts, Papershed, Polymer Clay Pit and Selectasine Serigraphics.  These along with Schacht, Deka, H Dupont, Jacquard, Ashford, Sculpey, Art Clay Silver, and many other makers, provide an extensive choice of traditional craft supplies and equipment.

Allison has used 16th and 17th century engravings depicting Tapestry Weaving, Stocking Knitting, Dyeing and Weaving, to illustrate the cover.



The first catalogue from the George Weil Group of companies including products from Fibrecrafts, Papershed and Polymer Clay Pit. 

This catalogue was designed to showcase the most popular items available and provides ideas and inspiration for the creative mind.  We had a little help with its inception (thank you to Jenny at The Catalogue People) and well done to Allison for completing yet another major project!


The popular landscape format was retained for this final catalogue from Fibrecrafts. 


2009 Fibrecrafts Catalogue

click to enlarge image



The Fibrecrafts catalogue is set in landscape, giving over more space to the products and displaying them in a new lay out.  This catalogue is short listed for an ECMOD catalogue industry award. 


2008 Fibrecrafts Catalogue

click to enlarge image



This catalogue features full colour photographs for 95% of the product range and launches the new e-commerce Fibrecrafts web site. Product information including advice, tips and uses is transferred to the Resource File on the web site. The catalogue and web site win an ECMOD catalogue industry award.

GREAT NEWS! Fibrecrafts Wins ECMOD Mail Order Business Award in its 25th year of trading. Visit our Blog site to read all about it...

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2007

click to enlarge image



This 120 page catalogue incorporated the Papershed range for the first time. All the yarns and fibres are represented with full scale swatches. The books are placed with their relevant craft materials and equipment and extensive product information is offered

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2006

click to enlarge image


The Papershed is acquired by Fibrecrafts and the handmade papers and dyed silk fibres are offered from a separate catalogue. In the Fibrecrafts catalogue, there are detailed colour images for 80% of the products including full scale swatches of the fibres and some of the yarns. This catalogue is short listed for an ECMOD catalogue industry award.


click to enlarge image


A new designer look for Fibrecrafts catalogues. Still experimenting with the branding but taking on the style of the catalogue we know today

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue update 2004

click to enlarge image


Suassion is acquired and the Jacquard range of paints and dyes is incorporated into the Fibrecrafts catalogue. Colour charts are developed into a unique style incorporating colour descriptions and stock codes

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2003

click to enlarge image


Colour on every page! The first full colour catalogue with an image for every book and video, plus colour charts for paints and dyes. The Fibrecrafts brochure web site is launched

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2002

click to enlarge image


The first catalogue incorporating the George Weil range. The George Weil Society is launched offering its members discounts and free delivery

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2001

click to enlarge image


A new millennium and a new business. The silk fabrics, silk painting and surface decoration products from George Weil & Sons Ltd are offered in a separate catalogue to extend the materials and equipment available to the Fibrecrafts customer

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 2000

click to enlarge image


Screen printing, Kumihimo, Shantung Silk Yarns - the range continues to grow

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1999

click to enlarge image


The 'Notes about...' text is added and the Fibrecrafts knowledge pool is shared. The silk yarns on the cover were spun and dyed by Audrey Hallicar, a member of the Fibrecrafts team

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1998

click to enlarge image


The Lake District 'branch' of Fibrecrafts, run by Meg and Martin Riley, announces its retirement and the operation is centralised in Godalming, Surrey. Ian Bowers, Managing Director, makes his first appearance photographed at his Glimakra loom, the image is still used today!

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1997

click to enlarge image


This catalogue was mailed to 6,500 customers in 40 countries. The additional text and new colour photographs are included to help with the customers' confidence when choosing to place an order.  Cover image felted by Sarah Brooker

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1996

click to enlarge image


The first catalogue published since the untimely death of Anna Bowers, who began the business from her home in the late 1970's

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1995

click to enlarge image


The various brands come and go but Fibrecrafts continues to offer the most comprehensive range of textile craft supplies available through mail order


FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1994

click to enlarge image


The spinning, weaving and dyeing equipment continue to expand, featuring the larger floor looms for the first time. Materials including luxury silk and mohair yarns are added to the range as well as marbling paints for surface decoration

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1992-3

click to enlarge image


The first appearance of silk fabrics and Deka paints for silk painting. Batik equipment such as wax, tjantings and electric wax pots are also included. Colour images of some book covers appear

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1991

click to enlarge image


The range of fibres continues to grow and includes luxury fibres such as Camel and a range of silks

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1990

click to enlarge image


At 32 pages, the catalogue goes from strength to strength

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1989

click to enlarge image


The first catalogue to feature colour photographs. The book listing is extended even further with the addition of Bayswater Books. Brands include Timber Tops, Pipy, Haldane, Wee Peggy, Schacht, Ertoel, Louet, Rowan and Borgs. Fibre Reactive Procion MX dyes are added to the range


click to enlarge image


The first appearance of the Louet table loom and undyed Rowan knitting yarns.

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1987

click to enlarge image


We see the introduction of dyers equipment, additional natural dyes and an increased textile craft book listing

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1986

click to enlarge image


Acid dyes and dyers kits are added to the range of textile craft materials and equipment

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1985

click to enlarge image


The range of textile craft materials and equipment continues to grow

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1984

click to enlarge image


23 pages and a smattering of black and white images! This booklet offered knitting equipment, seeds for growing dye plants and an extended selection of yarns and fibres. The book listing had grown substantially, including magazine titles and there was additional weaving and spinning equipment

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1983

click to enlarge image


An 8 page price list featuring a selection of spinning wheels, the Ashford Table Loom, a handful of fibres and yarns, natural dyes, mordants and a short listing of textile craft books

FIBRECRAFTS catalogue 1982

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